The issue of toxic air is now firmly on the lips of city leaders, with towns and cities across the UK drawing up their visions of a low-emissions future.

At this pioneering moment, Air Quality News will be covering all the breaking news, key developments as well as interviewing key figures and holding them to account.

Air Quality News Awards & Conference

The National Air Quality Conference & Awards serves as a platform for business, local authorities and the third sector to learn, network and celebrate as an industry.

The Awards recognise the successes of industry, local authorities, transport and technology providers in driving down air pollution and improving air quality.

The challenges faced in tackling air pollution are receiving a sharp focus, with the importance of tackling the health and environmental challenges posed by the UK’s air quality high on the national news agenda.

The National Air Quality Awards recognise the work of individuals and organisations whose efforts have contributed to improving air quality.

The Air Quality News Team