Our collaboration with Ian Packham!
David Harrison
22 July 2022
Our collaboration with Ian Packham!

We’re looking forward to working with Ian Packham, adventurer and reporter, over the upcoming months. Ian will be analysing the effects of climate change on the Pakistan and Himalayan border.

Keep an eye out for some excellent content in September, we will be posting live reports on Air Quality News and Environment Journal.

Please see below to get a preview of a few of the insights Ian will be reporting on:

Visiting Atta Abad Lake, created by climate-induced landslide in 2010 as an example of dangers of increasing temperatures in the region.


Visiting the tongue of Batura Glacier and use it for discussion on glacier melt/shrinkage and its consequences for Pakistan including localised flooding and loss of potable water.


Exploration of Urban forests project aiming to cool down Karachi’s increasing temperatures. 


For further information about Ian Packham, please visit his website at: https://encircleafrica.org