Environment Journal Sponsors  BIG North Pole Expedition
9 May 2022
Environment Journal Sponsors BIG North Pole Expedition

EJ Joins the roster of sponsors for the BIG North Pole Expedition. The sponsorship provides Environment Journal with exclusive content, with a focus upon the spread of Micro plastics and black carbon to remote areas. This is important research and facilitates our work to challenge action paralysis on key environmental issues.

The purpose of this ski expedition to the North Pole is to collect valuable scientific data about Arctic Ocean Sea Ice – BEFORE IT’S GONE.

The B.I.G team are currently in Svalbard, for essential research and training. Since the postponement of the 2022 North Pole season, the team is currently in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, preparing to head out on an approx 150km expedition starting in Barentsberg. Collecting samples for black carbon and micro plastics and engaging in other scientific data-collection. Visit the Track Expedition page to find out more and keep up to date with the team’s progress.

In preparation for the expedition, the team have been working with key expert science collaborators to design ways in which their ski journey to the North Pole can be put to the best use to gather much needed data about this most inaccessible part of the world, a region which is so fundamental to much of the world’s climate systems.

The information gathered by the expedition will be used in a number of different studies being undertaken by scientists in the UK and beyond, at the University of Manchester, the National Oceanography Centre, the University of Colorado and NASA.

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