Here at Spacehouse we have developed a reputation for excellence re our work across digital platforms.

We not only deliver advertising revenues derived from more traditional products such as buttons, banners, MPU’s and skyscrapers – we also use our client networks to develop sponsorship opportunities across digital channels, Web TV and social media.

We have developed some of the largest and most dynamic social media platforms across such diverse sectors as skiing and snowboarding to social care and safeguarding.

We know how to build traffic and drive digital activities from social media to web portals. Again, here at Spacehouse we understand that we will be judged by our ability to build revenues – but this is something we welcome as we have a strong track record of delivery. Quite simply – we are good at what we do!



LocalGov is published by the Hemming Group and is part of their local government portfolio.

Spacehouse was tasked with developing online revenues when the website launched. We have used our extensive client network to generate sponsorship revenues for key sections of the website – including the HR and Training pages and Health and Social Care.

We have also taken responsibility for the Jobs Portal – and now compete with many leading and established recruitment sites delivering significant levels of advertising revenue for our publisher.

  Local Government Lawyer 220x150           

The publishers – Philip Hoult and Derek Bedlow approached Spacehouse in 2015. With extensive knowledge of the local government legal marketplace they had already established the Localgovernmentlawyer as a key resource within this sector.

Given the success of their content they had very little time to explore commercial opportunities which they needed to develop to take their publications forward.

Spacehouse came on board as a commercial partner developing multi revenue sources including special sponsored supplements, display and product advertising and recruitment / training. So far – we have increased commercial revenues by over 100% – and we are still growing!         



Spacehouse Limited developed this ski and snowboard web portal in 2014 – and subsequently established one of the most significant social media networks in the sector. The associated Facebook pages have an established ski and board community of over 140,000.  We work with many leading brand advertisers such as Oakley, Snow and Rock, Boardwise, Surfdome and Trespass to name but a few.

As social media experts we understand how to develop audiences and to promote products – whether direct or as part of an affiliate scheme.